I have been having semi-private Pilates sessions with Ann for two years. My motivation is to correct poor posture and to retain flexibility and balance into old age.

I have seen improvement in all these areas.

I have had many partners during this time as people go on vacation or their work schedule changes.  I have been impressed with Ann’s ability to encourage effort while at the same time being able to modify each exercise to suit the physical state of each person.

There is no “ one size fits all’ approach to Ann’s teaching. She is very aware of previous injury or sedentary lifestyle and works to obtain results safely.

Ann continues to attend workshops and shares this knowledge with us.

She encourages us to put this knowledge into practice in daily life.

But, most importantly, sessions with Ann are fun. I look forward to this time each week.

Kaye Y.

I have spent most of my life trying to stay physically active and healthy. When I hit middle age, I started to have lower back problems. Out of nowhere, I could not move and took a couple weeks to recover.


As a nurse educator, I sought many medical and complementary therapies. Nothing worked. A chiropractor recommended pilates to me. I then sought out advice from trusted dancers and pilates teachers on where the best pilates is located on the North Shore. I was led to working with Ann van Messel.


I have been a weekly regular now for over 2 years. Not only am I back pain free but I have developed more generalized body strength than ever before. I owe this all to Pilates.  


It has been a particular pleasure to be a student of Ann’s. As I am a bit of an introvert and self consciousness about my lack of athletic  talents, she has given me the support and courage to learn about my body, safely go out of my comfort zone and constantly validate where I'm at on a given day. It is a great honour to preserve my health as I age in Ann’s extraordinary hands. 

Janet M.

Pilates has given me the confidence and ability to continue doing the sports I love, without continuously getting injured and being in pain. I love my pilates sessions as I feel its my time to really tune into my body and strengthen the areas that are weaker. It also give me body awareness and the ability to be present to my strengths and limitations. This awareness comes with curiosities of the possibilities rather that judging my body and being disappointment in the pain and weakness.


Since starting pilates with Ann, my hip flexor pains have subsided. I am able to ride my bike, play tennis and get better results as my body is no longer shouting at me with pain and discomfort.


I started pilates almost a year ago, and I wish someone would tell me the essential value pilates brings to your life, specially if you would like to stay active for the rest of your life.


Ann has been so instrumental in guiding me into understanding my body, setting limits and understanding the importance of pilates stretches as a daily practice.


As a family doctor, mother, and friend I highly recommend pilates to anyone who would really understand their body and be able to be active without suffering from pain. Ann is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered and I see her as a healer as well as a pilates instructor. 

Maryam Z.