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Ann van Messel

BASI Certified Pilates Teacher

I love moving – swimming, biking, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, climbing --name it and I probably want to do it. But my movement patterns usually left me in a ball of pain for weeks —until I discovered Pilates.

After a few months of Pilates twice a week, the numbness I had in one leg for several years disappeared for a few hours! I was hooked. I sought out my teacher’s teacher – Rael Issacowitz. The way my body felt after a session was magic so I knew I had to learn more. I took the BASI comprehensive training and started working with people daily. Over the years since, I have augmented my teaching with other courses – from Pathologies and Injuries to Pilates for the Athlete, to Pilates for Neurological Conditions. Recently I attended the BASI Mentor Program in order to extend my learning into human movement. Endlessly curious and constantly seeking, I love finding new ways of approaching movement.

My sessions are driven by the needs of the body that presents itself at that moment. My hope is that through becoming conscious of their own movement patterns my students will find their own freedom of movement, propelling them to move more and better without fear!

Allison Birt

Certified Pilates Teacher

After a series of injuries prompted her to re-consider a career in dance, Allison transformed her passion for movement as art into a passion for movement as medicine. In 2001 she began learning to teach Pilates from Dianne Miller, teaching at the Vancouver Pilates Centre until 2016.


A perennial student, Allison has learned from and studied the repertoire of multiple first-generation Pilates teachers including Ron Fletcher, Kathleen Stanford Grant, and Mary Bowen.  Allison is also a Franklin Method Educator, adept at applying mental imagery techniques to embodied anatomy to create lasting positive change in the mind and body.


She loves to collaborate with students to help them discover movement resolutions that will maximize their physical potential so that they can move through their lives with as much ease and joy as possible.

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